As we enter into 2016 we find our country, our churches, and most Americans
completely lost.  Our government has colasped financially,spiritually, and Constitutionally.
Our children have become social robots thanks to government schools and false churches.
Businesses have been lost and we as a nation have lost the will to jump into the emtrepenual
river and open new businesses fopr fear of a communsit government.  Most thought and
hoped that our illegal president would of been taken out of power by now and we would of
been on the road to recovery, but the powers who appoint our leaders had no such plan. 
Their goal is to take down capitalist countries and move into the gobal world which will be
split into 10 nations answering to one world leader with one world economy.  Ironically these
atheisit power brokers are mickng the prophesies of the Bible.  With few exceptions the
country looks bleak.
As Christian what should we be doing? The answer is; not what we have been doing for the
last 40 years! 2 generations have fallen asleep at the wheel in both our churches and our
businesses and governments.
So what to do now?  Simple, see what God says!
First we need to get out of politics and quit worrying about it.  God is in control of everything
(Proverbs 3:5).  We need to do our part.  First run out of your false church.  And if you don't
know whether your church is false or not, shame on you!  Starting learning your Word. 
The Word is how God speaks to you today.